peace of mind

Animal3000 put at your disposal an innovative research tool: the register of lost and found animals.By bringing all alerts of animals lost or found in a single database, Animal3000 become an international benchmark when it comes to looking for a pet. So wherever you are, you can report the loss of your pet and inform a lot of people in just a few clicks. On the other hand, you can also contribute to a successful conclusion by reporting an animal found, allowing a touching reunion between a master and his pet.

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3 easy steps

Get free access to the network of Animal3000 by creating an account for you and your pet via the 'Register' menu. Then add all the members of your pet family and fill out their profiles. You are now ready to enjoy all the benefits of Animal3000.

Your pet won contests, saved lives or is just so lovely? Share your story and pictures by publishing these unforgettable moments on your wall! Your Buddy has a strange behavior and you want to chat about it ? Head under the 'Questions' menu and discover the opinions of your fellow men. The network of Animal3000 offers these great services and more ! Make your daily walk on the website and discover tools customized for pet lovers.

Oh no ! Your pet has disappeared! What should you do? Report your pet as lost on the network of Animal3000. With a few clicks, place the marker on the map where your pet has been seen for the last time. From this point, the status of your animal becomes red, that means that it has been declared lost. It's gonna be shown as it to all of your contacts and to all the website visitors, increasing the chances to find your pet in the shortest amount of time.


Eck's history

There is a story behind this beautiful project. Animal3000 creation was inspired by a true story, the one of Claude Marseille, president of the organization. Mr. Marseille is the owner of « Centre Canin de La Prairie », established for 35 years and also known as a good businessman. In 2006, Claude took with him Eck, his faithful companion in a business trip to Joliette. It was a day of snowstorm and Eck was playing with birds. When it's time to leave, Eck didn't hear his master calling him because of high winds blowing that day. Unfortunetly, the dog disappeared far in the wooden fields. After following him as far as in could, Claude Marseille soon realized that the dog was lost. Unhesitatingly, Claude went to all neighbors and knocked at every convenience store, gas station and others places, leaving his phone number and offering a reward. Unfortunately, on Friday afternoon, he fell against several doors and land on answering machines when he tried to communicate with the animal recovery organizations of Joliette and the local medias. Later that evening, Claude has resigned himself to go home and prepared posters for his research scheduled for the next morning. After a day of arduous research, he and his wife spent the evening in long hours of anguish and tears. Meanwhile in the village, Eck was found by a lovely lady, herself a dog breeder in the aera. When she wanted to check out with animal recovery organizations, she went through the same scenario as Claude: all agencies were closed for the weekend. No where to go! She have also tried to communicated with other dog breeders in the area when she has noticed that the dog was wearing ear tattoo, but still no result. The next day, our dear lady appeared at the corner store and shared her story. She was very relieved to learn that the owner went by the previous day, and had left his phone number. She then has hasten herself to call Mr Marseille, who was very pleased with the good outcome of this distressing story.The lady has even refused any reward. What a luck to have stumbled upon such a nice lady! Claude Marseille thought what he has been through should not happen again. Pet owners should have a way to report the lost of their animal any time, and people recovering animals should also be able to report it whenever. That was the way Animal3000 was born. We must ensure that such situations arise no more. This is why the international network of Animal3000 is the best tool for animal lovers.